1) Mountain Portrait or Water Fountain on your back

Always keep Mountain Portrait, Water Fountain, and Aquarium on your back. This will give you Strength, Energy, and Support to face any difficult problem. According to Hindu Mythology, it suggests “Fishes in aquarium takes all negative energy surrounded by us and convert into positive energy.”

2) South West Room for CEO

Try to sit in a S-W corner, if not possible then make your meetings and discussions in a South West conference room or SW Meeting Room. All the important discussions should be done in South West direction as result, it will last long and always have a positive impact.

3) Wooden Square Furniture

Always use Wooden Square Furniture in Office, School and College, wooden materials can remove all types of Greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and lasts long. In the ancient history people prefers to use only wooden materials like Table, Chair, Desk, wardrobe etc.

4) Tortoise Mural

As tortoise means LONG LIVE or LIVE MORE, according to Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu has taken avatar of Tortoise to hold the earth which is also known as Kurma Avatar. This has to be placed in the North-East direction.

5) Electronic items in the South

Always kept all Electronic items in the South direction that includes machines, Refrigerator, Microwave, Tools etc. If any electronic item is broken, get it repaired or change it. According to Vastu, no damaged item should be placed inside Office or Home.

6) Use light paint color on your walls

Dark colors may appear faded and muted. Light colors have Incandescents and Fluorescents that enriches the environment. Light color has tendency to attract positive energy. It will divert mind in a positive direction.

7) Not to sit under beam

Beams are supposed to be depressing to the person who habitually. In traditional houses, we can see wooden beams pointing from the ceiling. Never sit under such beams for a long time, will result in a harmful effect on human body.

8) Placement of Counter Table

If the counter table is placed in south or west direction, it will always have negative impact or person will face difficulty in business deal etc. So it’s better to place Counter Table in South-East or South Direction.


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