Deepika Padukone has geared up doubt regarding her breakup with Ranveer Singh by posting her Balam Pichkari song’s pic on Instagram.

There are rumors that everything is not going well between Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh since after Deepika entered Hollywood with her blockbuster XXX and her linkups and closeness speculations with co-star Vin Diesel ( from XXX).

It is also confirmed from sources that Ranveer Singh is really insecure about her Hollywood venture and now this post of Holi also confirms that Deepika misses her Ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor as there are a lot of issues being confirmed between Deepika and Ranveer.

It is rife that Deepika cannot give him (Ranveer Singh) commitment about them getting married or making any public announcements of them being together. Their relationship has fidelity issues which further got worse with her Hollywood attempt and now this Instagram upload from Deepika.

Let’s hope everything goes well and Ram and Leela can sustain all these rumors and give a confirmation on their relation very soon.


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