There is an unexpected news – a Dispute between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover on their arrival flight AI309 from Melbourne to Mumbai through Delhi.

Chandan Prabhakar which is known as Chai walah in “Kapil Sharma Show” stuck in arguments on backstage with Kapil in Sydney which was their first pause on the Australian tour. Chandan (Chai Wala) did not like the way Kapil chatted to him and requited by saying, “Tu hoga yar Kapil Sharma lekin tu mujhse ese nhi baat kar sakta”. Kapil shout back and replied, “Thappad padega ek tujhe!”

As as result Kapil and Chandan not performed together in Melbourne.

After few hours Chandan took back in Hotel where the team was staying because he feels very bad and adding things like, “Tu Mera dost tha, isliye you are in the show”.

And again when Chandan joined him on the airport, Kapil abuse him once again very badly. The flight took off and Kapil demanded Alcohol from Crew. He sat down for a while and demand for more and more alcohol. When crew denied for serving him more alcohol beyond his limits then Kapil started abusing him in thin air.

The airlines’ staff interrupted Mr. Kapil and tell him to keep calm. But He continues abusing and his volume started rising as well.

At that stage,  (S.G) replied him very positively that “Paaji, you are a very well-known personality and it doesn’t match you to use abuse language in public.”

This bothered Kapil so much that he let himself go on with Sunil, and even started insulting and mocking him, with “Teri aukaat kya hai jo tu mujhko aisa bole?” being his first conversation in the ugly argument that followed.



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