We all are waiting for one of the blockbuster Fast and Furious 8, which began in 2001.  As a eulogy to Paul Walker, who died in car crash separate to the movie, Wiz Khalifa, and Charlie Puth put their sentiments on the soundtrack in honor of the actor who played Brian O’Connor. For a long time, the Fast and Furious series has been an operation in testing mankind’s patience. FF8 always cross billionaire and this time also Fast and Furious hit the sky. All the action and scenes created in FF8 are amazing. Firstly special thanks for Vin Diesel and  Michelle Rodriguez Dom to pick up the slack with stunts that defy logic and gravity.

FF8 fate opens in Havana, where Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are on a long honeymoon. This time, Dom is running for pink slips on a sneering local who’s trying to repossess the old, slow junker that belongs to Dom’s cousin. Rather than took his own developed muscle car against the guy’s retro hot rod, Dom decided to race in his cousin’s bucket o’ bolts. Everyone knew that it’s “the slowest car on the island” racing “the fastest car on the island,” because this series has never met a superlative yet.

All stunts are spectacular and unbelievable. There’s a slam-bang minute when Cipher turns every self-driving car in Manhattan into her own explosion derby, shrieking “it’s bloody time”. And the idea behind using submarine is very unique and one of the focus reflection in fast and furious 8.


Overall FF8 came up like an explosion and undoubtedly reflects the personality. Most of the FF serious viewers love the arrangement of sports car and stunts. Entry of Jason Statham in prison is very shocking and surprising and one of the lovable moment when he takes cares of Dom baby’s in a very enthusiastic way. Society Scars wishes the FF8 team a very good luck.


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