#1 Honey and Lemon

Lemon has an excess of vitamin C along with calcium, potassium, pectin fiber which helps your skin, hair to be nourished but apart from providing nourishment to the body it also helps in reducing fat and works best with honey and lukewarm water to get rid of fat in our body. It will give best results when you consume it after waking up in the morning to activate your body cells. But, this will not work if you consume it once or twice a week, it has to consume every day for best results.

#2 Green Tea

Having green tea every day can be a good habit not only for the one who wants to lose weight but also for the people who want to maintain their weight and want their skin to look good. It is also confirmed by human research team regarding its health benefits. It is fully loaded with anti-oxidants and other nutrients which can help reducing weight if consumed twice a day. It can also help you get rid of heavy feeling when you have consumed a lot of carbohydrates and fats in your meal. This will give you a soothing feeling and gives you energy before a workout. It can also help improving the brain activities and therefore reduces the chances of frequent mood swings.

#3 Warm Water

A normal human body can sustain for almost three weeks without food but without water, we cannot manage to live more than three days. Water being so important for our health can helps you reduce weight as well. Water, preferably lukewarm water can help you reduce calories from the body and can also help you consume less food than usual. And drinking excess of water can never harm your body but helps you improve body metabolism and as a result helps reducing more calories. Apart from helping in reducing weight, it also improves blood circulation, chances of kidney failure and halting premature aging.

#4 Eat Right

Eating right can help you managing a healthy weight and also helps to get rid of fat in your body. Eating small meals instead of large meals can also help to reduce weight. Using lesser oil to cook food, reducing intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. What you eat completely reflects your mood and therefore lowers the risk for mental illness. Eating right along with taking time to eat can help you avoid over eating as it actually takes a few minutes for your brain to realize that it has had enough food. Eating food at night can also play a major role in gaining weight. So avoid taking night meals and instead eat very light food before 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.  So eating right is most important for you to lose weight.

#5 Cut Back On Sugar

cut back on sugar -societyscars
Apart from portion diet, one should avoid taking as much sugar as possible from our diet. As everything, we drink whether aerated or any preservative juices have an excess of sugar content. Most dressings, ketchup etc. are having a huge amount of sugar which proportionately increases weight. Cutting down on sweets such as candy, chocolates, ice-creams etc. and eating natural sweet food such as fruit, peanut butter etc. to satisfy the craving for sweets can also help. Avoiding processed or packaged foods like canned soups, frozen dinners, or low-fat meals that often contain hidden sugar that quickly exceeds the recommended limit. It is important to go for the products with less or no sugar labels.

#6 Drinking coffee

Having a cup of coffee, preferably black coffee with no sugar can help increases body metabolism which in turn will help to lose weight. It is highly recommended to consume black coffee before a workout as it will boost up the stamina for your workout. Black coffee will also help cutting calories from your body as it contains caffeine that has fat burning capabilities. Consumption of caffeine although helps to cut fat but it’s over consumption can lead to early aging and headache problems.

#7 Exercise on regular term

Exercising regularly with the right procedure can help you shed pounds of weight easily. The Indian body will generally turn oversized from the tummy area. And losing it without exercise or yoga will literally be impossible. Burpees, crunches etc. can help you shed your belly fat if exercised regularly. Running on a regular basis will also play an important role in shaping your body right and losing weight. Push-ups from chest, shoulders, and arms can pull up your stamina and strength and build a basis for weight loss. Squats using thighs and butts will help to maintain body posture and reverse dips will work effectively on abdomen area.

These above ways for weight loss will surely help to get rid of fats from your body and increase stamina and shape your body right.



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